Waiea at Ward Village

Waiea is the flagship building of the new Ward Village Masterplan for Kaka‘ako. The project is located on an existing surface parking lot makai (ocean side) of the existing Ward Entertainment Complex and represents the only immediate development opportunity along Ala Moana Boulevard within the approved Masterplan that would not impact or force relocation of existing tenants.  The project is among the first of several projects that redevelop the 60 acres included in the Ward Village Masterplan.

Kaka‘ako’s genealogy is a dynamic and varied one, physically and socially changing in a relatively short period of time; overlaying of events and wahi pana (storied places) allows Waiea to draw inspiration from time and place. Hawaiian history and cultural context lays the basis for the proposed design – one that looks to celebrate the traditions of the past, acknowledge and reference its surrounding environment, and infuse cultural ideals and relationships between the ‘āina (land) and kānaka (people). Waiea falls in the ahupua‘a of Nu‘uanu, Pauoa, & Makiki, bounded by the districts of  Kaka‘ako, Ka‘ākaukukui, Kukuluāe‘o and Kewalo.  Waiea’s grounds—what we today call Kaka‘ako–once sat in the reefs of Kukuluāe‘o and Kewalo. Fishing gods Kū‘ulukai and his son ‘Ai‘ai, who once traveled around the islands teaching kānaka different fishing techniques, are said to have stopped here along their huaka‘i (journey). Waiea’s design is rooted in the stories and history of Kaka‘ako. The story of Kū‘ulakai and his son ‘Ai‘ai, along with the genealogy of Kaka‘ako is woven throughout the building’s design. Its most prominent design feature is its sweeping glass facade. It is inspired by the essential life-giving role of water in Kaka‘ako’s landscape and the fishing nets used for sustenance by Hawaiians of both yesterday and today.

  • Location: Honolulu, O‘ahu, Hawai‘i
  • Client: Howard Hughes Corporation
  • Program: 36 story luxury residential tower, mixed-use development. 177 total units, swimming pools, theater, chef kitchen, lounge, bar, library, golf simulator, spa, entertainment pavilions totaling over 560,000 sf
  • Site:  81,446 sf
  • Status: Under Construction

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