Chun-Takaki Scholarship now open to all Hawai’i highschool seniors

< Back / March 9, 2016

The WCIT Foundation is a non-profit organization created to assist qualified Hawaii high school students to attain college degrees in the allied arts.

The Chun Takaki Scholarship is an annual scholarship that awards up to $2000/year toward tuition at any institute of higher learning for up to 4 years!

One part LOGIC, Two parts MAGIC!
The application for this unique scholarship is simple: Create a single original piece of artwork and a brief summary. Your piece and summary should tells us a little about you and how your art embodies the theme “1 Part Logic, 2 Parts Magic”.

You must be a Hawaii State Public High School who will be attending an institute of higher learning with a declared or intended major in Architecture or other applied, allied or fine arts.

Artwork can be done in any medium (writing, drawing, painting, sculpture, audio, video, photography, animation, etc.). They can be submitted digitally through FB or delivered to the WCIT offices. Written summaries must be 50 words max. They can be messaged to us through FB.

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